Wigs and Clip Ins

Here at Sirens we offer a large selection of hair pieces including bangs, clip ins and wigs. These temporary measures can help you look and feel your best during a time of illness or if you just want to change up your style.  They provide volume, fullness and ease of use.

Let's say you want bangs today, simply add our bang hair piece in the colour of your choosing.

or....maybe you want to change your look entirely with a short wig

There are so many wonderful hair add ons and pieces to choose from! You can choose from a variety of options including human hair, synthetic hair, machine made, hand tied, lengths, colours, and movements. 

Ordering a wig, clip ins or hair pieces online can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming so please let one of our experts help you.  Book a free consultation today!

or....maybe you want to add length and volume with some clip in extensions